I had a dream where I had made a large painting. It was a painting of large woolen strings, it started more abstract but later it became more and more figurative. I dreamt that all the propedeuse teachers and I were standing around it, they were reviewing it as part of the assessment. The comments weren't negative, I sort of remember Marion saying she found this detail of the string exciting . The review gave me a bad feeling because I didn't like the painting. Sure, it was nice to look at, it was something, but it didn't feel like me, it wasn't what I wanted to do at all, I wanted critiques.
I think this dream influenced my thought process the day after a lot. I really wanted to paint, but the whole time I was thinking about what would happen when the painting is finished, what I wanted the teachers to say and to see, what I wanted to become. The painting felt extremely forced. I really dislike what I made that day.

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