Photos of the footsteps and marks people left on the papers I laid down in the tunnel, and of the busker who positioned himself on the papers (he's on the side in the photos, because I was packing up) And the marks that people left in the tunnel, that stuff fascinates me endlessly. I enjoyed the interaction with the public. It was hard getting the people to actually step on the paper, people have to have a greater sense of respect for a blank paper on the puplic gorund than I expected. The street busker helped me out a lot, telling people, no! Yes! walk over it! It's art! while I wandered around the tunnel. Another interaction happened before the busker took his place, I saw two guys writing something down on the paper, I was intrigued so I approached them. They had written down 'Wyjebańá CI?' which they explained is polish for something along the lines of: 'should I fucking hit you?', they said that any Polish person reading would laugh. I was so happy with this, the idea of putting down a blank piece of paper and the public having the urge to fill it in, I would like to work with that in the future.